Things to Do

Entertainment in Pawtucket

Pawtucket Craft Breweries and Distilleries

Pawtucket is home to four craft beer breweries and two alcohol distilleries, all open to the public with tasting rooms and taprooms. Visitors can experience the local craft beers, vodkas, and gins unique to the region while also learning about the brewing and distilling processes. Be sure to try them all!

Theatres in Pawtucket

Pawtucket is great City to enjoy a play or comedy show put on by one of our many successful theatre groups. Below is a list of locations in the City where you can attend these events with information on tickets and show times.

Live Music in Pawtucket

Pawtucket is a vibrant community for local musicians. Below is a list of locations in the City where you can regularly find live musical performances:



Other Activities in the City and in the Area:

Explorer River Tours: The Blackstone River, and its tributaries, are splendid places to uncover by taking a guided river tour on the Explorer. The peacefulness, beauty, and wildlife you can now find along the river is a wonderful change from the rough industrial past that birthed America’s Industrial Revolution and made this region famous.

Paint and Vino: Welcome to Rhode Island’s first Paint and Wine Studio. Come enjoy our fun stroke-by-stroke painting sessions instructed by local artists. No Painting Experience Necessary!

Lock and Clue Escape Rooms: ONE HOUR. ONE WAY OUT. ONE HECK OF A GOOD TIME. New England’s Largest Escape Game Business. Our immersive, interactive rooms are full of mystery. Bring your family, friends, and coworkers. Experience an adventure unlike anything else!

BattleGroundZ: Enjoy engaging activities for friends, families, and colleagues. BattleGroundZ offers a variety of fun activities for people of all ages. Activities includes paintball, laser tag, dodgeball, dart wards, airsoft, and archery tag!

R1 Indoor Karting: WE BRING THE THRILL OF RACING. Buckle Up! R1 Indoor Karting has a super long, custom designed, European style asphalt track for you to enjoy. Our Mega Track is climate controlled, has state of the art safety barriers from 360 Karting and offers plenty of racing thrills such as sharp turns, varying grades, fast straight aways and an overpass. These are top of the line and provide an unparalleled experience. Plus, no gas fumes! Each participant is timed, receives a detailed computer printout of their performance and, for groups of 8 or more, there’s even an award ceremony for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers!

Rock Spot Climbing: Enjoy state of the art indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Get right on the wall with this 15-minute orientation where we will show you how to boulder and use our auto belay systems so that you can climb on your own. Climbers under 12 will need direct adult supervision. Walk-ins welcome.